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Sundhed & Fitness Medicinsk
Forfatter: MEDISinn
Gratis is setting new standards for the assessment of psychological stress in corporate environments. enables you to carry out Psychological Hazard Assessment easily, quickly, and
in a cost-effective manner; the time required for each employee is only approx. 5 minutes.
You comply with legal requirements (article 5 of Labor Laws) and create long-term added value for your employees and company.

Information for employees on PGB:
Among cases of illness-related work incidents, psychological conditions are taking an increasingly prominent position. The Psychological Hazard Assessment (PGB) provides a means of proactively counteracting these problems. Your company would like to get an idea of the psychological stress you may encounter in your work by means of a survey through
When the survey is finished, your company will receive a report of the results. The results are entirely anonymous, drawing on the answers of all employees—and thus the entire company. Inferences from your own individual answers are not possible.
By participating, you can help your company achieve lasting improvements to your working conditions. This promotes not only your own health, but also that of your colleagues, and thus of the company as a whole.

The functions of include:
• Intuitive use
• Several languages
• Clearly formulated questions
• Time-saving execution

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